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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a commercial pool?
A. A commercial pool is any pool governed by the Orange County Health Care Agency. Common examples are Homeowner Association pools, apartment complex pools, and hotels.

Q. Do they require different care from a home or residential pool?

A. Yes. The sheer volume of swimmers dictates a higher sanitizer level in the water at all times. With more swimmers come more dirt and oils, more filter backwashing, and just more care.

Q. Do commercial pools require additional devices compared to residential pools?

A. Yes. Required devices are a chlorinator to add chlorine continuously, a flow meter to measure flow in gallons per minute, and an effluent gauge to tell if the filter is dirty. It is also mandatory that a life ring and rope, a body hook and pole, and rope and buoys are present.

Q. Do commercial pools need to run longer?

A. The filter and chlorination systems must operate the entire time the pool is open for use. This is usually about 16 hours per day. During heavy summer use pools often run 24 hours per day.

Q. Is it unsafe to use a pool that someone has had “an accident” in?

A. Yes! An “accidental fecal release” (AFR) is a serious health hazard and the pool should be closed until the required cleanup procedure can be completed. This usually results in an overnight closure.

Q. Why can’t our community spa be hotter?

A. The Orange County Health Care Agency sets the maximum spa temperature at 104 degrees. High temperatures can cause serious harm to the very young and the elderly.